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“I have worked with RekMakker custom cabinetry on several custom kitchens and bath projects for my clients. I enjoy the staff, very friendly, good to work with in design, and finished product is great. They work with my clients in a professional manner, creating kitchen designs that the client will be pleased with. I like also that counter tops can be a choice as well to the client. I would recommend RekMakker custom cabinetry for your kitchen and bath cabinetry.”

Jenna E

“Absolutely fantastic experience. I knew what I wanted, but RekMakker put in the finishing touches that really brought my idea to life – better than I could have imagined! Their pre-build site visit was great – they spent a lot of time understanding what I wanted, listened to my “can I do this” list, and helping me visualize their ideas for how to render all that. Their team went above & beyond to get everything installed and finished to perfection. The result is spectacular!”

Ann V

“RekMakker made our kitchen cabinetry. They were very easy to work with and their cabinets were of very high quality.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is your company’s process once we connect?

First of all we will set up an appointment to meet with you and we will ask you detailed questions about your wants, desires and needs. After this meeting, we then design or work with your designer to develop the space based off blueprints and/or measurements. Once the design is approved you will receive a quote and we work towards creating a contract for our services. The design gets fined-tuned by our engineering department before the project goes out into the shop. Then our production specialists take over and build your cabinets. See below for details on how your cabinets get made. Once complete, the cabinets get delivered to your home or job site.

Why should I choose to build custom cabinetry?

Custom cabinetry allows for greater design possibilities in layout and for customizing design elements like door styles, color and functional hardware (drawer guides, hinges). We use the best product to construct our cabinets, utilizing 3/4 inch plywoods for our cabinet frames. We have excellent suppliers for solid doors and drawer boxes made from solid wood. Our functional hardware features soft-close options and full extension drawer guides.

How do my cabinets get made?

First step after we solidify your design is to cut out your cabinet parts using our CNC machine to exact dimensions. Depending on the style of cabinet, the parts then move on to our edge banding machine or they go directly into our finishing department. Edge banding is the process of putting a wood or PVC veneer onto the front edge of the plywood cabinet parts. As part of the design process you will have already selected a painted or stained finish. Once all parts have gone through proper finishing and edge banding, they come together to be assembled by our production specialists to become a cabinet. After the cases have been assembled, drawer boxes are installed along with door/drawer fronts. After assembly we check our finished product and securely wrap them for delivery.

Do I need to have a designer of my own or do you help with design?

RekMakker would love to help you design your spaces to fit your needs and desires. We also work well with your designer and can construct cabinetry from the designs you’ve established together.

Do you offer products outside of cabinetry?

It is our experience that not everyone desires to have custom cabinets in their homes. Because of that we do offer made-to-order cabinetry from reputable manufacturers in the Midwest. These lines of cabinetry work well for builders who have set budgets to work within. We can also provide a mixture of pre-built and custom cabinets to suit our clients’ needs and desires.

Where did RekMakker get its name?

When Randy was deciding what to name his new company, he wanted his Dutch roots to be evident. “Rek” in Dutch can be translated to “cabinet.” Then he added the English word “maker” to the name with an extra “k” for extra flare.

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