Relationship Focused & Solid Design

Who we are

Our mission – At RekMakker our greatest desire is to give our clients a personal and professional experience while delivering high quality product. Our passion is to provide cabinetry that helps create the home environment our clients dream about.

History – Since its beginnings in 2010, RekMakker has been serving the Midwest by providing clients with quality custom cabinetry and built-ins. Randy Spykerman, our President, started out in the residential construction business for many decades before narrowing his focus to cabinetry. His passion has been to provide a high-quality product at a competitive price.

In 2016, Randy’s son Jason joined the team with the hopes of growing the business. Jason is passionate about people and has an eye for detail, grown from years of experience in the cabinetry creation process.

This combination of high-quality craftsmanship and relationship building has grown RekMakker into what it is today. Looking to the future, our dream is to continue to grow our capabilities to better serve our clients, and to give back to our community.

Our experience

We are a growing team of professionals with a diverse pool of skills and experience, all designed to bring you the best product and best client experience. RekMakker has been around for a decade plus, our combined experiences show in these areas of service to our clients.

Cabinetry design – 20 years +
Woodworking and carpentry – 70 years +
Finishing – 50 years +
Customer relationships – 50 years +

Please meet our amazing team!

We love our employees and desire to grow them both professionally and personally. Currently, we are working towards a registered woodworking apprenticeship program to train the next generation of craftsmen.
Randy Spykerman


Jason Spykerman

Executive Director

Kristen Spykerman

Administrative Assistant

Kyle Henson

Shop Foreman

James Sanger

Production Specialist

Paul Eisen

Production Specialist

Terra Bykerk

Administrative Assistant

Principles of our work


“We aim to create cabinetry that is not only on par with current design trends but also suits your needs for creative storage.”


“Our goal in working with clients and creating quotes is to bring a fair price without compromising quality, as well as clear communication throughout your project’s process.”


“Our 70 plus years experience of woodworking and carpentry speak for themselves when it comes to the quality of our product.”


“Our greatest passion is to care for people and to provide excellent customer service.”

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